Guide to the Prosperity Box

Guide to the Prosperity Box

The Prosperity Box is designed to be a one-stop shop for all your Lunar New Year celebration needs. I created it to meet my own desire as a busy parent to have the convenience of a kit delivered in one go that also gave me the tools to understand the various customs of how to celebrate meaningfully. Here’s a complete breakdown of all the items you’ll find in your Prosperity Box, with links to more guidance about the meaning of each item and how to put each to use:

“Fu”/Tet double-sided wall hanging, 13”x13” (large)

The square blessing is meant to be the centerpiece of your Lunar New Year decorations, so display it where it can be prominently seen, like over a mantel, credenza, or on a blank wall.

“Fu”/Tet double-sided wall hanging, 9”x9” (small)

A smaller version of the large fu/tet hanging to style together or apart.

Spring couplet double-sided wall hangings, 18”x6.5"

While traditionally hung by doorways, couplets can be hung anywhere, so long as they stay together to amplify the blessings offered by the set. You can also hang them on either side of the square blessing, but make sure the square blessing sits above the couplets as the centerpiece.

Chinese spring couplet felt sticker set

Similar to the double-sided couplet set, this fun felt sticker set can be hung anywhere together to offer wishes for a year of abundance and peace.

Honeycomb red lanterns, set of 3

A durable set of paper lanterns with mixed shapes, made to create festive Lunar New Year feel in your space. 

Togetherness candy box

During Lunar New Year gatherings, offering the contents of the togetherness tray to guests is a gesture of hospitality and good wishes. The act of sharing these symbolic treats reinforces the bonds of kinship and friendship while ushering in good fortune for everyone involved.

Cloth firecracker hanging

Hang your firecracker on a door or next to a door frame to ward off bad luck for the new year.

Dancing orchid stems

Flowers play a significant role in Lunar New Year celebrations, representing the renewal of spring and adding depth and beauty to Lunar New Year festivities.

Year of the Dragon lucky red envelopes

The exchange of lucky red envelopes symbolizes the sharing of blessings and good wishes between family members, friends, and loved ones.

Chinese Zodiac animal ornament set

Hang this set of Chinese Zodiac animal ornaments anywhere to enhance your Lunar New Year vibes! 

2024 Zodiac wall calendar

Keep this calendar up all year round and learn about a new Zodiac animal each month!

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