Guide to Lunar New Year Flower Decorations

Guide to Lunar New Year Flower Decorations

Flowers play a significant role in Lunar New Year celebrations, representing the renewal of spring and adding depth and beauty to Lunar New Year festivities. Whether it's the resilience of apricot and plum blossoms, the elegance of orchids, or the longevity represented by chrysanthemums, each flower contributes to the auspicious ambiance of the Lunar New Year, inviting prosperity, happiness, and good fortune into homes and hearts.

Our Prosperity Box this year includes a set of dancing orchids to adorn your space with a golden flair and complement the rich reds of Lunar New Year. Orchids symbolize fertility and abundance, contributing to the overall atmosphere of prosperity.

Here are other common blossoms you can seek out for decorating your home in auspicious wishes for the new year: 

In the Vietnamese tradition, Apricot Blossoms (Hoa Mai) are the symbol of Lunar New Year (Tết), representing the strength and resilience of the Vietnamese people. The bright yellow flowers are associated with good fortune, happiness, and prosperity. 

Plum Blossoms are revered for their ability to bloom in the harshest of winter conditions, symbolizing resilience and perseverance. In Lunar New Year traditions, they represent the arrival of spring and the promise of new beginnings.

Chrysanthemums are appreciated for their association with longevity and vitality. In Lunar New Year customs, they symbolize a wish for a long and prosperous life. These resilient flowers are believed to bring joy and good fortune to households during the festive season.

Narcissus flowers symbolize good luck and prosperity. These flowers are often potted and gifted during Lunar New Year, as they are believed to bring wealth and success to the recipient.

Kumquats and Orange Trees: While not traditional flowers, kumquats and orange citrus trees are integral to Lunar New Year celebrations. The vibrant orange color is likened to gold, thus symbolizing wealth and good fortune. The Chinese words for orange and tangerine closely resemble the words for luck and wealth. These fruits are often displayed to attract prosperity and positive energy into homes.

Peach Blossoms are associated with romance and love. In Lunar New Year traditions, they symbolize a wish for love and happiness in the coming year. Unmarried individuals often display peach blossoms in the hope of finding a romantic partner.

Pussy Willow brancheswith their soft, fuzzy buds, symbolize growth, prosperity, and the coming of spring. They are often associated with good luck and are used to ward off evil spirits. Displaying pussy willow during Lunar New Year is believed to bring growth and abundance to households.

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