Guide to the Togetherness Tray

Guide to the Togetherness Tray

One cherished tradition during Lunar New Year is the preparation and presentation of the Togetherness Tray that is essential in both the Chinese and Vietnamese traditions.

The Togetherness Tray is typically an ornate circular or geometric tray with six or eight compartments containing an assortment of symbolic treats and delicacies. Each item in the tray holds special significance, representing blessings for the coming year and symbolizing good luck, prosperity, happiness, and longevity.

(Illustration: Flo Leung)

The numbers six or eight, considered lucky in Chinese culture, often dictates the number of compartments in the tray. The number “six” sounds like the word “smooth” in Chinese and is known to symbolize good luck for smooth sailing in life. Similarly, the number “eight” sounds like the word “fortune” and thus known to symbolize wealth and prosperity. (Be suspicious of anything associated with the number “four,” a very unlikely number for sounding like the word “death” in Chinese!)

These compartments typically hold an assortment of traditional sweets, nuts, and fruits, each chosen for its auspicious symbolism, such as red melon seeds symbolizing fertility, dried fruits representing a harmonious life, and peanuts as a symbol of longevity.

During Lunar New Year gatherings, offering the contents of the togetherness tray to guests is a gesture of hospitality and good wishes. The act of sharing these symbolic treats reinforces the bonds of kinship and friendship while ushering in good fortune for everyone involved.

Our Bo & Mei Togetherness Candy Box is a contemporary take on the traditional Togetherness Tray, offering six compartments and three different treats: the nostalgic White Rabbit candies from Shanghai, Hong Kong’s Lucky Candy, and classic chocolate gold coins.

White Rabbit is a beloved milk candy that dissolves into chewy and creamy deliciousness. Pros will know that the inside wrapper is made of rice paper and meant to be eaten.

The Garden Brand Lucky Candy is a staple Lunar New Year treat from the Cantonese community. Shaped like a bun, the strawberry milk candies are encased in a symbolic red and gold wrapper with the Chinese characters 利是 that wishes you good luck.

And last but not least, chocolate gold coins are always a fan favorite, representing wishes for good fortune.

We designed this candy box to be a keepsake that you can reuse or repurpose. Refill your candy box throughout the year with any mix of treats and have ready for whenever you have guests.

Or, remove the inserts and repurpose the box as a fun storage container for your lucky red envelopes and other Lunar New Year memories. Any way you use it, we hope our Year of the Dragon candy box brings you together with loved ones over a fulfilling year of joy and good luck.

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