Guide to Firecracker Decorations

Guide to Firecracker Decorations

The tradition of using firecrackers during Lunar New Year dates back thousands of years. Legend has it that the deafening noise and bright flashes of light from firecrackers were believed to scare away a mythical beast named "Nian," known to emerge during the New Year's Eve.

This myth has led to the custom of lighting firecrackers for Lunar New Year to foster the celebratory spirit and attract good luck and prosperity for the coming year. In lieu of lighting firecrackers, which can pose a safety hazard, many families adorn their homes with symbolic representations of firecrackers to honor this age-old practice. 

The firecracker hanging included in Bo & Mei's Prosperity Kit is made of beautifully embroidered cloth, topped with a classic Chinese knot that symbolizes good luck.

Styling Tips

Hang your firecracker on a door or next to a door frame to ward off bad luck for the new year.

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