red paper lanterns for lunar new year

Guide to Red Lanterns

Red lanterns are an integral part of Lunar New Year celebrations, their origins tracing back to ancient customs and myths. Legend has it that villagers in China long ago would hang red lanterns outside their homes to ward off a mythical beast named "Nian" that was believed to emerge on New Year's Eve. The color red was chosen for its symbolism of good fortune, happiness, and prosperity, while the lanterns illuminated the night to scare away the monster.

Over time, this tradition evolved into a symbol of hope, luck, and a vibrant part of the festive decorations during Chinese New Year, extending to other cultures that celebrate. Decorating with red lanterns during Lunar New Year is now an essential part of the holiday, bringing communities together in a dazzling display of joy and auspiciousness.

For our Year of the Dragon collection, we took inspiration from the classic honeycomb paper lanterns and designed a unique set of varied shapes made of thicker construction paper for enhanced durability and elegance. Opening and closing our lanterns is a breeze with hidden magnetic fasteners that make them longer lasting for future Lunar New Year celebrations.

Here are some ideas to incorporate our red paper lanterns into your Lunar New Year decorations this year:

  1. Hang red lanterns in doorways, windows, and along walkways to create a festive and welcoming atmosphere. You can choose lanterns of different sizes and styles to add variety.
  2. Place red lanterns on tables, shelves, or mantels as part of your indoor decorations. They can be arranged in clusters or used as standalone pieces to add a touch of color and symbolism to your home.
  3. Create a lantern tree by arranging multiple lanterns on branches or a decorative tree. This eye-catching display can be placed in the living room or as a centerpiece for your Lunar New Year celebrations.
  4. String together several lanterns to create garlands that can be hung across walls or draped along staircases. This adds a festive touch to any space.

Recommended supplies for hanging red lanterns:

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