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Make a Lucky Money Tree

Have fun with your lucky red envelopes and Lunar New Year giving tradition!

In our family, we love turning the red envelopes into ornaments to hang on a house plant as decorations for Lunar New Year.

To make a lucky money tree for Lunar New Year, follow these steps:

  1. Gather the materials:
    • A potted plant, tree, or bare branches
    • Red envelopes filled with money (coins will help weigh the envelopes down)
    • Red or gold string
    • Hot glue gun, tape, or hole puncher
  2. Add hanging device to the red envelopes:
    • Use the string to make a loop, cut at desired length, and tie a knot at the end.
    • Affix loop to the top of the red envelope using glue or tape. You can also punch a hole to the top of the envelope and spool your loop through the hole.
  3. Hang the red envelopes:
    • Carefully hang the red envelopes filled with money to the branches of the plant.
    • Make sure they are securely attached and evenly distributed.
  4. Decorate the tree:
    • Add decorative items such as red Chinese Zodiac ornaments to the tree
  5. Display the lucky money tree:
    • Find a prominent place in your home to display the lucky money tree
    • Make sure it is easily visible to guests and family members
  6. Share the tradition:
    • Explain the significance of the lucky money tree to your family and friends
    • Encourage them to take an envelope as a symbol of good luck and prosperity

Remember to personalize the lucky money tree according to your preferences and cultural traditions. Enjoy the festive atmosphere and celebrate Lunar New Year with joy and prosperity!

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