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Asian Pacific American Heritage Kit

Asian Pacific American Heritage Kit

To celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, we designed a kit that fosters creativity, learning, connection, and appreciation of the Asian diaspora experience. It's the perfect gift for friends, family, colleagues, and yourself! 

Central to the kit is a creative experience inspired by the late Filipina American artist, Pacita Abad, and her work titled "L.A. Liberty" that reimagined the Statue of Liberty as an immigrant woman of color. It's both a paint-by-number and do-it-yourself craft for all ages that we designed to pay tribute to Pacita Abad's artistry and to honor the immigrant women of color in our communities.

Light up our scented persimmon-shaped candle and host a craft night with friends, family, or colleagues, while engaging in meaningful conversation with Bo & Mei's Culture Conversation Cards, and enjoying a selection of classic Asian candies. Add on the absolute best chocolate bar from Vietnamese American chocolatier, Socola, for a perfect celebration! Our Heritage Kit is for everyone! 

Since it's the year of the Dragon, the kit also includes a cloth dragon ornament to help you maximize your dragon energy for the rest of this Chinese Zodiac year. 

What's Inside

  • Bo & Mei's L.A. Liberty-inspired art kit
  • Bo & Mei's Culture Conversation Cards
  • Persimmon-shaped scented candle
  • Cloth Year of the Dragon ornament
  • Selection of classic Asian candies
  • Socola premium chocolate bar (add-on)
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